My critter creations started after a tower gathering, I am part of a wonderful fantasy book web community (  that has an many live events. I had made a s'redit (an elephant in the world outside of Tar Valon (or real life)) for a friend there. Afterwards I had some friends ask for  a few dragons, and it just grew from there.

I love making custom critters for people, and make most of my own patterns for each one. The squid was one of those challenges, so fun to do! I also love sewing my own clothes and costumes for myself and friends going to different events throughtout the year. My mother is a great seamstress and taught us girls at a young age, my oldest daughter is in fashion design even. So you can say sewing is in our blood. :)

I now have a contract with the Bandersnatch company and the rights to make Wheel of time creatures. So please check out these wonderful creatures as they become available ;)

Here is the sketch of the Torm and the prototype :D 


Here is the sketch and the prototype of the Lopar. 


This is a Barbie sized doll dress 

Dress (doll not encluded) $15.00

Who could forget the lovable giant Loial? With his big saucer eyes and tuffed ears! 


Here is the sketch of a Corlm. Each one will be a bit different, since no two creatures are really the same. And each one is hand made so when ordering one please keep that in mind. Below you can see the finished prototype for the Corlm.


Here is the first WOT cirtter I made. These are Grolm. I am planning to improve on them so wait and see what happens!


In the first Wheel of Time book towards the end we all were introduced to the Greenman. And so here he is to be loved and cherished by all of us!